Welcome to Value Healthcare Management, LLC

Value Healthcare Management is a leading national purchaser of accounts receivable healthcare assets headquartered Lawrenceville, Georgia. Value Healthcare Management and its Partners have decades of experience working with consumers and Healthcare Facilities to manage and purchase outstanding asset portfolios for the healthcare industry.

Value Healthcare has transacted with over 10 Facilities purchasing over $4 Billion in distressed assets since 2008.

We recognize that the mission of the Healthcare Facility is to provide your community with the highest quality Healthcare Services possible. Our Mission to help you effectively manage your distressed accounts receivable, our skills encompass through many years of experience and economic swings efficiencies that will create capital resources that currently do not exist within your organization. We minimize the efforts and infrastructure required to handle this part of your business so that you can focus on what you do best, Provide Healthcare Services.

We are committed to maintaining your reputation by only working with firms who adhere to our Code of Ethics, who treat your patients with the respect and compassion they deserve.

Value Healthcare Management prides itself as being a partner of the Healthcare Facilities, a firm that understands the immediate needs to the Providers, the proper way of handling the collection process and most importantly handles every aspect of our business with full integrity.

Value Healthcare Management is a member of the Bitach Family of companies.
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